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Pop Up Shop Locations Now Taking Bookings

Miss Sugar Melbourne is now offering two pop up locations, Somerville on Wednesday and Thursday and Frankston on Monday and Tuesday once a month from 9 am to 9 pm. Bookings will fill up fast, so book early to secure a booking.

If you would love to experience sugaring hair removal or one of Miss Sugar’s Kato Facial Experiences, then simply jump online and select your preferred location, the services you need and select the day and time available that suits you best.

Please support Miss Sugar with these pop-up locations which are accessible to everybody, which means no discrimination on any level at all for anybody wishing to have a beauty treatment.

Miss Sugar Melbourne Mobile Therapist

Experience the convenience and luxury of having Miss Sugar Melbourne in your own home with a professionally qualified diploma therapist.
Kasi will attend to all of your hair removal needs with her cold paste sugaring technique.

If you would like a little indulgence then you can also book one of Kasi’s Kato Facial Experiences to relax and completely unwind.
Simply contact Kasi to arrange a time that she will be visiting your area.
It’s that easy! Contact us today.

Servicing the Melbourne South East, Eastern, and Mornington Peninsula areas.



Discover the range of services you can book in your home from sugaring hair removal to a Kato Facial Experience.



Browse through our range of sugaring products and gifts available to purchase online.

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Contact us to arrange a convenient appointment when we are in your area for a home visit.

Based on 8 Reviews

Kasi is incredible at what she does. When have sugaring done on my arms, eyebrows and lip - it has been painless, my skin doesn't react & I don't get the redness. I have also had one of Kasi's KATO facials. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. It was simply beautiful! My skin feels incredible, it was relaxing and I felt better that what I did before my treatment. Oh, I also managed to get a few great products. Thank you Kasi for your professionalism, beautiful setting and expertise. I highly recommend.


This was my first time surgaring (47 y/o male sorry this posted through my wifes google profile) this was a great experience I had full body (YES FULL BODY) and it was way better & less painful than normal waxing & the overall result was better too. I look forward to seeing how it goes till my next appointment. More guys should give it a go.


Miss sugar is amazing I love the sugar paste it’s so much better than wax and doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated. I also love the products they use to prep the skin before and after wax as it’s natural and makes your skin feel good in comparison to other beauticians. Only thing is I find it difficult to get an appointment at times as I have certain days and times I can get a treatment done. That is a credit to miss sugar as it’s the very few sugaring places in the south east that do a great job. Keep up the great work 👍


I have been seeing Kasi for a number of years now & haven't looked back! I find Sugaring is the best method for hair removal as it doesn't hurt, not hot wax and it is quite relaxing. I have found over the years that my regrowth is slower & my hair is softer, not as coarse as with waxing. I will continue to have Sugaring forever!


Miss Sugar Melbourne are awesome. Kasi is an absolute master at sugaring, she was telling me she even trains other salons, she's that good! I highly recommend Miss Sugar Melbourne for all your hair removal, so much better than waxing, IPL or Laser...LOVE IT!!!


About Kasi

Kasi has been a qualified professional beauty therapist for nearly 25 years and is also a trainer teaching other people the art of sugaring.

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