Sugar Sanctum

The Sugar Sanctum at Miss Sugar Melbourne is my way of giving back and rewarding my most loyal and regular clients.
It has been created to work in with your schedule and budget. It will save you money each visit as well as fast tracking you to permanent hair reduction.
It comes with the comfort of easy-to-understand terms, no red tape and offers a 110% guarantee of transparency. It has no extended lock in contracts and should your circumstances change, you can cancel at any time. There is no joining
fee – simply amazing savings and added bonuses.

Want to Join?

Becoming part of the Sugar Sanctum is strictly by invitation only. It is for the clients who are as serious about permanent hair reduction through Body Sugaring as I am.

If you want to fast-track your hair reduction and would like to be considered for a Sugar Sanctum invitation, click the button below and join the waitlist.