How Long Should My Hair Be?

How Long Should My Hair Be?

How long should my hair be? And when is the perfect time to Sugar

Your hair can be as short as 1.5mm That’s right! Get your rulers out and measure. Waxing your hair needs to be 1cm long.

That’s a BIG difference, it means we can remove more hair so you stay hairless longer.

After about your fourth visit your hair should be in sync so that now it is all in the Anagen stage.

The Anagen stage is when the hair is in the middle of its ‘active’ or growth stage and the follicle is being given nutrients via the blood supply of the dermal papilla.

As we’ve said before, removing the follicle in the growth stage is like removing a brick from the middle of a brick wall, eventually, it will collapse in on itself.

We are removing the hair while it’s being nourished so it takes longer to regenerate until it collapses totally. For some clients, this happens quickly so that they notice patches where hair once was.

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