Who is Miss Sugar?

Miss Sugar Melbourne was founded in 2016. After performing every service available in the beauty industry as a Beauty Therapist of over 25 years, Kasi found her niche and passion when she discovered Body Sugaring Hair Removal in 2014. She decided to focus purely on Body Sugaring and an exciting, healthier, more environmentally friendly path presented itself. “Miss Sugar Melbourne” was born.

Kasi felt so passionately about how amazing Sugaring is that she developed her own brand of Sugar Paste.
Kasi dedicated a considerable amount of time to develop an ideal sugar paste recipe that was both vegan and didn't require heating like other recipes. The texture had to be precise, and being cold meant it could be adapted to any climate or situation. After several attempts, Kasi not only succeeded in creating the perfect recipe but also produced a paste with varying consistencies suitable for different body parts.
Miss Sugar Melbourne expanded her services to include teaching, coaching, and providing continuous support to other salons. She helped them transition from the traditional, outdated and less effective method of painful waxing to the eco-friendly, sustainable, gentle and superior technique of Sugaring.

After creating her own one of a kind sugar paste, Kasi went on to create her own skin care line “KATO Skin”. Kasi did this by asking her clients what products they actually want and need and combined that with the best ingredients there is to offer. The final outcome is an exceptional, vegan, Australian crafted skin care line that delivers exemplary results.

Miss Sugar Melbourne is also one of the few that offers all sugaring options to men and strongly believes that we should. More and more men are getting sugared and absolutely love it, especially because it hurts less and lasts longer. Men take great pride in their appearance and are ecstatic with the results. The “Mister” and “Sister” XXX are probably the most popular services! If you don’t book into Miss Sugar Melbourne or book a mobile appointment now you really are missing out!
Step into the new age of sugar my “Misters & Sisters”


Cold Paste Sugar Training

MSM Professional Body Sugaring and Training is the only company that comes to you and trains you in your salon.

MSM Professional transpired when Kasi noticed a lack of follow up and ongoing support for therapists who had completed Sugar Training. About this time, Kasi also realized the need for a Cold Paste, especially for our Australian climate where temperatures can fluctuate from one extreme to another across our country. The lack of consistency in the pastes that were available on the market at the time also presented a real problem.

Over the last five years, Kasi has trained, certified and provided Sugar Paste to numerous salons across Australia.

If you are a Salon/Spa/Clinic Owner or qualified Beauty Therapist and want to learn the art of Body Sugaring, I'd love to hear from you!

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