Never Too Young For Sugaring

Never Too Young For Sugaring

Sugaring is a great way for teens to get rid of unwanted body hair. A great first experience is a must!

Miss Sugar offers a calm and inviting atmosphere with a highly experienced beauty therapist who also has a teen themselves.

Being a teenager comes with all sorts of embarrassing moments, from pimples to awkward social encounters, but one of the biggest things a teen can go through is unwanted body hair.

Professional hair removal starts teens on the road to good hygiene, proper skincare and respect for their own well-being.

Sugaring introduces your teen to effective, long-lasting hair removal. It is gentler than waxing and has even better results. No heat or stings or any chance of being burnt. Throw away those razors mums! No one likes the feel of prickly hair… Not even us mums.

With hair that gets removed in its natural direction of growth, your teen will not suffer from shaving rashes, pimples (from shaving) or those horrid ingrown hairs.

How the hair is removed in the teenage years makes a huge difference to hair growth for the rest of their lives. The hair is delicate and during puberty, it can be easily trained. This means if a teenager starts removing hair properly they can reduce the amount of hair they will have in adulthood.

Any of our beauty therapists would be more than happy to help your teen feel a little less awkward.

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